Volker Hoffmann - Sexual Wellbeing Designer


I would like to have happy and satisfied people around me. Regardless of whether at work, in my free time or in everyday life ... just all the time. Isn't life better for all of us when we are happy, especially If our fellow human beings are also happy?

Happy people make a happy society, and a happy society is more tolerant, friendly, more harmonious, and consequently more effective and stronger. It is this society I would like to contribute to with my LUBEXXX quality products.

As the LUBEXXX brand, we are dedicated exclusively to the topic of "Sexual Health". Our products are small problem solvers in the field of "sexual health" for issues such as dry vagina or weak pelvic floor muscles. These two problems alone are responsible for the fact that many women often simply do not want to be intimate because they feel uncomfortable. A one-off occurrence? By no means. More than 4.5 million women in Germany suffer from lack of vaginal moisture, causing their sex life and relationship to suffer too. When the intimacy and passion between man and women come to a standstill, the joy of life and the positive attitude towards life are reduced.

BUT WAT...with the small "helpers" LUBEXXX Lubricants and LUBEXXX pelvic floor trainer, the majority of women can actively do something about it; the alleged minor details do not lead to great difficulties in the relationship.

The "WHY" can be therefore easily explained...
With LUBEXXX products, I want to be able to help women and couples be happier. For a happy, tolerant and harmonious society. This has been never as important as in our current, stormy times.

Maybe LUBEXXX can help you enjoy your life even more. My honest wish is for you to be happy because that will mean I've achieved my goal.

Warmly yours, Volker Hoffmann