LUBEXXX® Pelvic Floor Trainer Set

A strong pelvic floor for more quality of life
pelvic floor trainer set is the ideal starter kit for general strengthening and stabilizing of pelvic floor muscles. It is an all-round product that enables women of all ages to effectively exercise their pelvic floor and prevent a variety of problems caused by untrained pelvic floor muscle.

Pelvic floor (or Kegel) exercising is highly recommended by gynaecologists, midwives and physiotherapists. Like with any other muscle, having healthy and strong pelvic floor muscles requires regular training - and this should be done preventively, not only when the first physical issues occur. A short daily workout is enough to properly strengthen your pelvic muscles and thus prevent possible symptoms of muscle fatigue and slackness. The LUBEXXX® pelvic floor trainer set enables you to easily train your pelvic floor right in your home.

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LUBEXXX Pelvic Floor Trainer Set

✓  for general strengthening of pelvic floor muscles
✓  for stabilising the pelvic floor
✓  for relieving lower back pain
✓  for prevention of bladder weakness
✓  for post-partum regression
✓  for improving sexual pleasure/libido

Why is pelvic floor training necessary?
A healthy pelvic floor functions much like a hammock: Muscles and ligaments hold together organs like uterus, bladder, vagina and intestines on an elastic and stabile “hammock”. However, if its tension weakens, the “hammock” slides downwards, the pelvic floor descents and organ displacement can occur, causing a feeling of discomfort in the genital and intestinal areas. A healthy and strong pelvic floor, on the other hand, increases your well-being and vitality and can also prevent possible health issues.

Doctors advise:
“Targeted prevention of pelvic floor weakness means timely pelvic floor training and avoiding permanent strains."

How do I use the pelvic floor trainer?
The pelvic floor trainer is made of high-quality body-compatible elastomer for pleasant wearing comfort. With its ergonomic shape, it is particularly easy to insert and perfectly suited for effective pelvic floor training.

✓  It is administered vaginally, just like a regular tampon.
✓  When inserted, the string for removal should be easily accessible.
✓  For easier insertion and removal, simply apply LUBEXXX Original lubricant.

Package unit - set includes:
Pelvic floor trainer with a weight of approx. 58 g 50ml LUBEXXX Original lubricant as additional aid for insertion .