LUBEXXX Original - the gentle lubricant tested as "BEST"

LUBEXXX® Original Lubricant

Outstanding lubricant thanks to water-silicone emulsion.
LUBEXXX Original is a high-quality lubricant with a pleasantly silky skin sensation and is recommended by gynaecologists. It is used in case of insufficient vaginal lubrication or when additional lubrication is desired.

LUBEXXX Original compensates for natural moisture deficits in a pleasant way, thus providing an effective remedy, long-lasting moisture and a secure and pleasant skin sensation.

LUBEXXX Original Original is the only lubricant available in pharmacies that is based on a special water-silicone emulsion (2-in-1 formula), thus combining all advantages a lubricant must have. Long-lasting lubrication, water soluble and never sticky. Dermatologically tested “very good” skin tolerance. Oil- and grease-free. Fragrance-free. Hormone-free. Suited for rubber and latex. Also well suited for use with sex toys. A quality product made in Germany.

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LUBEXXX Quality – product advantages at a glance

✓  Long-lasting lubrication
✓  Very economical
✓  Never sticky
✓  Pleasant silky skin sensation
✓  Water soluble, thus very hygienic
✓  Tested “very good” skin tolerance.
✓  Oil- and grease-free. Fragrance-free
✓  Hormone-free
✓  Skin-friendly, moisturising
✓  Ultrasensitive, never feels oily on the skin
✓  No stains on textiles
✓  Easy dosage
✓  Non-drip closure
✓  Suitable for latex and rubber (TÜV-approved)
✓  Recommended by gynaecologists
✓  Quality product - made in Germany

LUBEXXX – Quality that gives security.
Vaginal dryness is experienced as very bothersome and uncomfortable and can spoil intimate moments. It is often caused by hormonal changes during menopause or after pregnancy, as well as by stress or longer periods of sexual inactivity.

For over 10 years now, women suffering from dry vagina are happy to trust LUBEXXX Original. Trust LUBEXXX Original - gentle on the skin, quality you can feel.

LUBEXXX – for a positive feeling, more joy in life and moments of happiness.

LUBEXXX® smoothly balances the deficits of natural moisture formation and provides relief as quickly as possible. Simply apply some LUBEXXX® lubricant to the vaginal inlet. You can use more LUBEXXX® as required. LUBEXXX® can be easily washed with water. Keep out of eyes.

Available Sizes:
50ml, 150ml, 300ml