It is very important for you to consult your gynaecologist confidentially if any problems occur. Your specialist will examine you, determine the individual diagnosis and then prescribe the right therapy, medication or any possible remedy. You will see that you will get better and feel healthy and happy again. Be brave and speak to your gynaecologist openly and honestly. What have you got to lose? An open discussion has never caused any harm and your doctor is always there for you. Here you can find a selection of qualified gynaecologists that we are personally in contact with. These doctors also recommend LUBEXXX Original Lubricant.
Dr. Barbara Falley
Rüdesheimerstrasse 4
14197 Berlin

Telefon: 030 8215055
Dipl.-Med. Steffen Dominok
Graf-Detlef-von-Einsiedel-Straße 1
01609 Gröditz

Telefon: 035263 67151
Dr. Claudia Soentgen
Rodenkirchener Straße 162
50997 Köln

Telefon: 02233 280170
Prof. Dr. Gerlinde Debus
Marienplatz 1
80331 München

Telefon: 08131 764298
Frau Dr. med. Irene Reichert
Trierer Straße 19
66869 Kusel

Telefon: 06381 8860
Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Rainer Steldinger
Blumenstr. 1
80331 München

Telefon: 089 267611
Dr. Verena Riegel
Daimlerstr. 9
80798 München

Telefon: 089 2717058
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Müller-Holve
Kaufingerstrasse 12 (Am Marienplatz)
80331 München

Telefon: 089 22 64 68
Dr. med. Andreas Liedtke
Bohlweg 24
38259 Salzgitter-Bad

Telefon: 05341 37017