For a strong pelvic floor after pregnancy
Simple - effective - time-saving

Hormones produced during pregnancy and of course the birth itself are a great strain on the connective tissue and muscles of the pelvic floor and can stretch the pelvic by inches. Many women feel that after giving birth their torso does not provide stability anymore, because the pelvic floor muscles have softened. This is because the stretched ligaments and muscles must first regress back to their original shape and the pelvic floor must regain its stability. Targeted pelvic floor exercise can support this process.

buggyFIT – the pelvic floor to:
✓  Strengthening and building of pelvic floor muscles
✓  Stabilization particularly after pregnancy
✓  Strengthening of the pelvic floor in its original shape
✓  Increasing sexual pleasure / libido

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Work out while you walk!
The buggyFIT® pelvic floor trainer set enables simple and effective pelvic floor exercise. It is also time-saving and convenient, as it can be done for example when walking the baby. Discreet and subtle thanks to high wearing comfort.

Of course mothers are usually very short on time, since they often not only must care for the baby, but also for the rest of the family and the household. Also, many women go back to work soon after giving birth. The pelvic floor trainer set helps women to exercise their pelvic floor in a quick, effective and above all time-saving manner.

Why pelvic floor training?
When healthy, the pelvic floor works much like a hammock: Its muscles and ligaments hold organs together in an elastic and stable way. But if its tension decreases, the “hammock” slides downward, which can lead to organ displacement. See sketch.

It is that easy:
The pelvic floor trainer is inserted into the vagina just like a regular tampon. It contains two weights which vibrate during physical activity. These vibrations stimulate the pelvic floor and its muscles, as they are trying to compensate for the vibration, thus effectively exercising pelvic floor muscles.

So the only thing you need to do once you have inserted the trainer is to move your body.

Package unit - set includes:
Pelvic floor trainer with a weight of approx. 58 g
50ml LUBEXXX Original lubricant as additional aid for insertion