LUBEXXX pelvic floor trainer – set



Overall, the pelvic floor muscle is one of the most important muscle groups. When it is in a healthy state, the pelvic floor acts like a hammock. The muscles and ligaments hold organs such as the bladder, intestine, uterus and vagina together, both elastically and stably. If the tension drops, the "hammock" slides downwards. The pelvic floor sinks and it can cause the organs to shift. This leads to problems in the genital and intestinal area.

A strong pelvic floor, on the other hand, strengthens our trunk and gives us support. This stability has a positive effect on our overall well-being and attitude towards life. Just a few minutes of training every day is enough to keep your pelvic floor firm and stable.

LUBEXXX Pelvic floor trainer – the right trainer for every time of life.
Recommended by gynaecologists.