Pelvic floor trainer specifically designed for the prevention
of bladder weakness

Das BeckenBodenPlus pelvic floor trainer set is designed for pelvic floor exercise in order to stabilise pelvic floor muscles and prevent bladder weakness and incontinence issues.

A weak pelvic floor can cause a variety of health issues, like back pain, impaired bowel and bladder function, pain and a sensation of foreign matter in the genital area, low libido, discomfort... and very often the increased pressure on the bladder causes urinary urgency and bladder weakness - particularly at a more advanced age, when the elasticity and softness of the tissue decreases. This often leads to pelvic floor descent, which can hamper bowel and bladder functions and cause symptoms like the involuntary urge to urinate and dribbling (coughing sneezing laughing syndrome).

BeckenBodenPlus – The plus for your pelvic floor
✓  Strengthening of pelvic floor muscles
✓ Improvement of general well-being
✓  Prevention of incontinence, bladder weakness and urinary urgency (coughing/sneezing/laughing syndrome)
✓  Increased orgasm ability and sexual pleasure / libido

Pelvic floor function
When healthy, the pelvic floor works much like a hammock: Its muscles and ligaments hold organs together in an elastic and stable way. But if its tension decreases, the “hammock” slides downward, which can lead to organ displacement. See sketch.

BeckenBodenPlus enables targeted exercise of your pelvic floor muscles to timely prevent possible health issues. Made of high quality silicone with a special conical tip for even easier insertion. Superior wearing comfort, discreet and very easy to use.

It is that easy:
The pelvic floor trainer is inserted into the vagina just like a regular tampon. It contains two weights which vibrate during physical activity. These vibrations stimulate the pelvic floor and its muscles, as they are trying to compensate for the vibration, thus effectively exercising pelvic floor muscles. So the only thing you need to do once you have inserted the trainer is to move your body.

You could for example do regular household chores or go for a walk. Running is also an option. When starting out, doctors recommend walking around your home to get a feel for the pelvic floor trainer.

✓  Ideal for beginners
✓  Quick results when used regularly

Package unit - set includes:
Pelvic floor trainer with a weight of approx. 60 g
50ml LUBEXXX Original lubricant as additional aid for insertion